November 12, 2018

Lee Kum Kee Family Receives First Hong Kong “EY Family Business Award of Excellence”

Corporate, Hangzhou

Hong Kong “EY Family Business Award of Excellence”

On 9 November, Lee Kum Kee Family was delighted to receive from EY the first Hong Kong “EY Family Business Award of Excellence”. This award is the accreditation of the Group’s remarkable achievements in setting out clear vision, beliefs, management framework as well as its pursuance on business growth. “EY Family Business Award of Excellence” also recognises Lee Kum Kee’s capability of striking a balance between corporate affairs and family matters, together with its relentless efforts in fulfilling corporate social responsibility for benefitting the community.

The Award Presentation Ceremony was staged in Hangzhou, China. Lee Kum Kee Family Council member, Ms. Andrea Lee received the Award and said, “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to EY for granting us the ‘EY Family Business Award of Excellence’ launched in Hong Kong this year. This award recognises the Lee Family’s Constant Entrepreneurship and consistent efforts, together with Lee Kum Kee’s ethos of inheritance. As we celebrate Lee Kum Kee’s 130th Anniversary this year, the ‘EY Family Business Award of Excellence’ comes as an amazing surprise and additional reminder of the legacy built by my great great grandfather, Mr. Lee Kum Sheung. Lee Kum Kee’s businesses have grown from strength to strength through the hardships of generations. Moving forward, we will adhere to our six core values-‘Pragmatism’, ‘Integrity’, ‘Constant Entrepreneurship’, ‘Si Li Ji Ren’ (Considering Others’ Interests), ‘Benefitting the Community’ and ‘Sharing Fruits of Success’ even amid challenges and pursue sustained development.”

In 2012, EY launched the “EY Family Business Award of Excellence”, which has been rolled out in over 20 countries and regions worldwide. In 2018, EY launched this award in Hong Kong. The awardees of “EY Family Business Award of Excellence” were meticulously selected by a professional judging panel, which comprises the experts with substantial experience in family business management, together with the representatives of EY family business-related services based on eight judging criteria: entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, strategic direction, national or global impact, innovation, integrity and influence, philanthropic engagements and corporate social responsibility, together with business presence.