Sales and Marketing - Christine Lau

Sales and Marketing

Christine Lau

Hong Kong


When I first joined the Company, I worked in the Marketing Function responsible for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands. Then I was transferred to Europe to for marketing related duties. I like Lee Kum Kee’s corporate culture with its strong sense of human touch. Over the years, I’ve been given many opportunities to take on various positions. Today, as Senior Business Development Manager, I lead my team overseeing the business development in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands. All these opportunities have enriched my life experience and broadened my horizons, which have helped me build mutual trust with different customers and develop the capability of communicating with colleagues all over the world.

Our corporate culture emphasizes on “Put Yourselves in Others’ Shoes” and “Care About Others’ Feeling”, which prompt us to consider each other’s needs at work. For example, we always strive to accommodate our colleagues to achieve on-time delivery, to achieve a win-win solution at daily work, and have regular review for continuous improvement.

I never miss the Lee Kum Kee’s annual Founder’s Day, where I see how everyone in the Company shows respect to our founder. Colleagues and customers from different parts of the world can also take this chance to meet and get to know each other. It’s truly a unique and rare experience.

To those who would like to join Lee Kum Kee, I would advise them to stay pragmatic, positive and modest, and accumulate experience through challenges at work. All these will certainly lead them to success.

If I had to describe myself using a product of Lee Kum Kee, I would choose Chiu Chow Chili Oil. It brings about exciting sensations and various levels of flavors, which are what I look for at work – I like to take on challenges and strive to have an all-round career development. Looking forward, I’ll continue to stay proactive and grow with the Company.